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750mL – New Release! 


GOLD – Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition 2021
BRONZE – Canadian Whisky Awards 2022
BRONZE – Canadian Whisky Awards 2021

TRUST Ancient Grains is the creation of a new and unique blend of Spelt, Emmer, Korsan, with a small addition of Barley.  Bottled at 44% alc./vol. it displays a medium mahogany colour.

This Whiskey has captured the intriguing and complex floral tones offered by Korsan and Spelt ancient grains but not weight.  Emmer is the backbone with lots of rich concentration and elements of spiced honey.  Barley adds a nice punch of graham cracker and length to the finish.

Having rested in 200L casks for 3+ years, the finish is long and satisfying with interesting character from the single use Bourbon barrel.  Hints of vanilla and toast are captured from its brief stay in a new American Oak Barrel.

In The Bottle (44% alc./vol.)

On the nose, TRUST Ancient Grains has captured intriguing and complex floral notes offered by Korsan and Spelt ancient grains, but not weight. Emmer is the backbone with lots of rich concentration brimming with spice, honey, baked apple, molasses and caramel. The touch of Barley adds a nice pop of graham cracker elements and length to the finish. The result is something that is more than the sum of its parts. At 44% alc./vol., this light mahogany whiskey presents remarkable depth with long-lasting spice tones and a satisfying smooth finish.

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Weight 55 oz
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