Spirits are about appreciation, participation, and moderation. Spirit production is an art form that requires time honored experience, knowledge and care; the same level of care as any artisan – a chef, a winemaker or a boat builder who masters their craft. Distillation is fascinating; it is art and science all wrapped into one. Skilled artisans, scientists, engineers and chefs alike are all intrigued because distilling challenges ingenuity and it is FUN!

More than 80 years have passed since Vancouver has been home to an authentic distillery using BC-grown raw materials that are fermented and distilled on-site in traditional copper pot stills with rectification columns. In our mind that is just too long! Deeply committed to our heritage, community, family and fun, The Liberty Distillery was established to provide individuals an opportunity to taste and experience spirits in a whole new way. To join the fine spirit revolution and receive an educational experience in “zymology” a.k.a the science that deals with distillation.

Our Values

Our values provide the underlying framework for guiding our organization and making decisions. Our values define our rules for conducting ourselves in daily actions; personally and professionally.


Heart is at the very core of who we are. We are incredibly passionate and dedicated to our art and the distillation of hand-crafted, organic spirits. Deeply rooted in our ethics is the belief that creating a respectful and trusting work environment is what grows a prosperous business and contributes to a healthy community.


We find courage in the curiosity of our people. We fearlessly welcome change and seek to create change. We are not afraid to take risks and challenge status quo or imposed boundaries because the spice of life is exploring new possibilities.


We achieve excellence because of our commitment to accountability and teamwork in all areas of our business. We believe in operational excellence and are focused on continuous improvement through innovation. We are always striving to improve our products and service and increase our ability to give back to the community.


We strive to act with integrity in everything we do. To be compassionate, friendly, loyal and forthright. We always tell the truth and we always do what we say. Our word is our bond.


We will grow our business with the creativity of each of our team members. We like people who think outside the box. We value and challenge an open mind, which inspires ingenuity and initiative to create opportunities for growth.


We believe honest, open and respectful communication is the foundation to building trust and loyalty with both employees and our customers. We are inclusive in our communication so we nurture our connection with one another and within our community, creating mentorship and strength


We seek to create an environment that is warm, friendly and engaging. We believe having a positive attitude, encouraging differing ideas and opinions, and infusing each other with positive energy is what makes winning teams, successful businesses and loyal customers.


We believe every day counts and should be filled with laughter, a smile and generosity. We like people who don’t take life too seriously and know how to have fun.


We differentiate ourselves by doing things beyond what is expected individually, and as a team. We aim to deliver lasting memorable and exceptional experiences for both our customers and our co-workers. HIRE THE BEST WHO SHARE OUR VALUES


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