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BEST GIN: BC Distilled 2014
BC’S BEST GIN: Seattle Ginvitational 2014
SILVER: Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition 2018


Endeavour Gin is a versatile London Dry Style Gin. It begins with our 100% Organic BC triple-distilled wheat spirit. An elaborate blend of (10) traditional botanicals (selected for their essential oil content) are slowly infused during re-distillation in our single copper pot still. The result is a gin with a clean, fresh, long lasting, and smooth finish; perfect for preparing classic G&T’s, or sipping a martini.

Distiller’s Tasting Notes off the Barrel (91% alc./vol.):

The ‘Hearts’ cut begins with dominant notes of juniper that are quickly balanced with hints of grapefruit and lemon. The finish is lengthened by lingering liquorice and spiced pepper.

In The Bottle:

On the nose, Endeavour is very complex. It is a compelling gin with bright floral notes underpinned with savoury botanicals on a solid juniper base. On the palate, juniper is first detected which is quickly followed by the subtle interplay of citrus, aromatic botanicals, and lightly brushed with hints of peppery Paradise Seed. Alchemy leads to a seamless, smooth, and lingering finish. Extremely supple and easy to drink on its own; when blended it creates an intriguing cocktail that will delight.

Spirit Specifications:

Spirit Type: Gin
Ingredient: 100% Organic BC Wheat (Vernon Region)
Age: Unaged
Alcohol %: 45% alc./vol.
Colour: Clear
Bottle Sizes: 50ml, 375ml, 750ml, 1.75L
Price Point: 750ml – $37.67, 1.75L – $136.18
SKU: 50ml – 448298, 375ml – 47522, 750ml – 51649, 1.75L – 742346


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